L. Ron Hubbard – Promotional Video

There is a lot written about this man.

I think you can judge the caliber of a person by looking at the volume and passion that people have to say about him, or her. We know in politics, people get very impassioned about what they believe in and the lengths they will go to prove their own side right or wrong, even when there is little difference between two sides.

As L. Ron Hubbard is the first westerner to ever bring a totally new idea, out of seemingly nowhere, a real spiritual idea, and it explodes onto the world to be a major force…. Well – no one has done that in the past, so think on that. It does not matter if you are passionate on either side, no one has done that before. This man is the first.

Yes, he did visit India and China, and searched their solutions, and they gave significant leads. But honestly, nothing comes close to what he discovered.

So yes, he is definitely having an impact.

L. Ron Hubbard, informative short video of his life. Please start and blow it up to full size. Duration is ten and a half minutes.

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