L. Ron Hubbard – Promotional Video

There is a lot written about this man. I think you can judge the caliber of a person by looking at the volume and passion

L. Ron Hubbard – Writer

L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology. He has described his philosophy in more than 5,000 writings, including dozens of books, and in 3,000

Introducing L. Ron Hubbard

The name Hubbard first had fame as a fiction writer, of many genres, in the 1930s. He was then locally known for his enrollment in

An Introduction to Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard on video, during an interview. What is Scientology? What is the practical application of Scientology for the average man in the street?

L. Ron Hubbard – Humanitarian

L. Ron Hubbard tells us that there is not a criminal in the world whose life of crime cannot be traced to a loss of

L. Ron Hubbard – Educator

During L. Ron Hubbard’s time at trying to teach others, he found that people were stopped by certain barriers of learning. “I have been engaged

L. Ron Hubbard – his early life

To understand a person sometimes one also needs top look at his early life. Then one can see how he came to be where he

L Ron Hubbard – Promotional Video

This is a one minute video on L. Ron Hubbard’s life. It is recommended that one watches the longer video however, also found on this