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There is more here to read about the Church of Scientology of Canberra in the links below.

Church of Scientology of Canberra has been here for a while.

Below is a very old address for those wanting some history. The site seems a bit of an historic site, by internet standards, but curiously interesting:

The next is an official current site of the Church of Scientology New York:

Scientology Canberra Cylex Page is this one here: As you know it will feed many other sites with the same information.

The Australian site True Local site is this one here.

The Canberra List site – an oldie – is here. It is also historic by internet standards.,-Australia/3P.htm

Here is the Church’s Yellow Pages page:

And the Scientology Canberra Locanfy site is this one:

A National Library Donation of books was made and that is here. Borrow them if you want.

There are more websites. They are trying to be found.